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Need a WordPress Design Expert?

Experienced—From San Francisco to San Jose to Santa Cruz and beyond, businesses have relied on our comprehensive set of traditional and WordPress website design and development services for more than 15 years!

Customer Focused—We help our clients leverage the power of WordPress’ content management system (CMS) so they can create, manage and update their websites on their own through a user-friendly admin panel. 

 Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction—Really! We know that it’s an uneasy decision whether to hire a WordPress web design firm right off the Internet. We want to address your concerns through action, not through talk, gimmicks or marketing rhetoric. To that point, our “Risk Free Web Design” policy strives to make the hiring process as easy and as risk free for you as possible. Learn more >

Here is a partial list of our most popular
WordPress design and development services:


small-webWordPress Quick Start Package

Do You Have a Small Budget and an Even Smaller Development Window?  Our Quick Start option is an economical solution where we configure a pre-designed theme to best reflect your brand.  This approach has limited design flexibility because any modification must adhere to the theme’s original templates.

If you are a DIY, after we build the WordPress website, you can save BIG money by populating the web pages on your own.  Click here for sample pricing      Click for a free quote

web-designHTML to WordPress Conversion

Do You Want to Convert Your Existing “Traditional” HTML Website to a Custom WordPress Website? You spent a lot of money perfecting your current website. Fortunately, we can keep its look and feel and still leverage the power of WordPress’ CMS and Blog capabilities. And best of all, it can actually save you time and money. Ask us how!  Click here for sample pricing      Click for a free quote

enterpriseCustom WordPress Websites

Do You Need a Custom WordPress Website with a Brand New Design?  We can create a beautiful, unique look that can help elevate your brand. Truly, the sky is the limit when we build a custom WordPress website from the ground up.  Click here for sample pricing       Click for a free quote 

ecommerceWordPress Online Shopping

Do You Need To Sell Stuff Online? We can add a turnkey or custom shopping cart solution to any one of our packages. Turnkey shopping carts start at just $650 for initial set up plus a monthly third party subscription fee. We also offer enterprise level eCommerce solutions.  Click here for sample pricing      Click for a free quote

multisiteWordPress Multisite Network

Do You Need a Multisite WordPress Network? Do You Know What a Multisite Network Even Is? For websites that have several very unique sections, subdirectories or subdomains, we can build a multisite WordPress network. Please contact us for a quote.  Click here for sample pricing      Click for a free quote

maintenanceWeb Maintenance, Specific Projects, Graphic Design, Programming, etc.

Do you need someone to work on your existing website? No problem, we can do that. We can bill you on a fix or hourly rate for any type of project.  Click here for sample pricing      Click for a free quote

WordPress Consultant / Project Management

We can help guide you through the web development process to ensure that you receive the appropriate services on time and on budget.

Our quote/budget review is designed to give you a second option about your upcoming WordPress project’s scope of services, cost, timeline, and, most importantly, discuss whether a WordPress or Drupal website is a good choice for your business. After all, an average a WordPress site will cost you 30% to 40% more than a traditional HTML website.

Our Project management services will aggressively monitor your large scale WordPress website project to ensure that you receive the promised services on time and on budget. Learn More >>


Need more information? Please contact us with any questions.

Would you like to see some samples of our work? Click here 

Full Service WordPress Packages

All of the options listed above can become full service and would include the complete design, format and populating your new WordPress website. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that all pre-developed and custom themes would be responsive so that the web pages would automatically adjust to a user’s screen size (desktop, tablet or mobile) for optimal display.

Here is Little More Background
On WordPress and Our Design Package Options

What started as a simple blog platform has grown into one of the most powerful open source content management systems available. Here are a couple of quick thoughts on WordPress:

WordPress as a Blog

I think all would agree that WordPress is the leader in blog development software. It is easy to create, manage, organize, and promote.

WordPress as a Content Management System

WordPress’ content management system (CMS) creates a collaborative work environment where clients can manage and update their websites on their own through a user-friendly admin panel.  Image the cost savings from NOT having to go back to the designer for every small update.

We can create your CMS Website using pre-developed or custom templates.  Although creating custom templates is typically more expensive than a traditional Website, long-term cost savings quickly offset the initial startup costs!  Click here to learn if Drupal or WordPress is right for you >>

WordPress: The Combo Platter

Now image combining the power of WordPress’ blog and CMS capabilities. You would have the ultimate web and blog solution to aggressively market your business through traditional internet avenues and social media. (Click to view one of our custom designs.)

Custom WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress designs can vary greatly in price due to the overall page count, complexity, and advanced functionality.

As a general practice, we use a standard WordPress theme for the foundation and then build our custom child theme on top of it. This allows us to leverage the core strength and structure of WordPress and customize it without limitation.

This creates a custom theme that is more stable, easier to update, and quicker to build.

Pre-designed WordPress Themes

There are thousands of available pre-designed themes. Unfortunately, most of them are designed for blogs and to use them for a CMS website can require extensive modifications.

That’s where we come in. We can modify the theme with your brand elements such as colors, images, logo and structure. There is a limit to what we can do with a pre-deigned theme, though, but the overall cost savings may out weigh having the complete control over the look and feel of the website.


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