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We can build and promote your Website with proven online optimization and marketing techniques.

Effective online marketing campaigns are vital to your Internet success. We can provide the right balance of Pay-Per-Click advertising along with Search Engine Optimization to help you quickly establish your Internet presence.

We can also accelerate your business through our strategic partnerships with Webs such as, and through Google optimization. 

The following describes some of our website promotion and marketing strategies and services.   

Search Engine Optimization & Online Promotion

Search engines index and rank Web pages based on content, Inbound links, readability, and meta variables. To help boost your rankings, we can make your Web pages more search engine friendly. This can be an effective part of an overall web design package or a standalone website promotion and marketing campaign.

Page Content — Content is king! Many designs rely on meta tags to increase search engine rankings, but quality page content is by far the most important component. We can show you how to best organize your pages to help maximize your search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Link Exchange — You are judged by the company you keep! Google, in particular, will boost your Web ranking based on who and how many are linking to your site. The theory goes that people link to content rich sites. Be cautious, though! Inbound links must come from quality sources such as Generated links from "link farms" will be discounted and can have a devastating impact on your search rankings.

Crawlability — A picture may be worth a thousand words, but they are extremely difficult if not impossible for a search engine spider to rank. We've perfected several techniques that can help make your images become more crawler friendly so they can work with your page content to help improve your rankings.

Meta Variables — Meta descriptions, titles, and keywords can add value in two ways: 1) they can give spiders more information about your pages, and 2) they give you more control over how your information will be displayed on search engines results. As with anything, balance is key. It's most valuable when your meta variables complement the actual page content.

Beware the Penguin and…ah…the Panda too! — Google's infamous algorithms may sound cute and cuddle but they pack a BIG PUNCH.  Google typically releases their updated algorithms every couple of months and they can leave a wake of Websites that no longer appear in Google's search rankings.  The reason?  The Penguin algorithm targets low quality websites, i.e., those that lack a lot of content or link to undesirable websites. Its friend, the Panda, seeks out and targets spam, i.e., those websites that use a lot of duplicate content and pages or "farm original content" from other Websites. 

If you ranked high in April 2012 and now are on page 4 or have disappeared from Google altogether, you were probably hit by an updated version of Google's algorithms.

Need help?  Don't fear the Penguin — Contact Us!  Click here for our contact form.

Google Marketing

To help boost your Web rankings, we provide a number of Google optimization services. Our basic package includes: Webmaster Tools and AdWords setup, XML sitemap development, and search engine optimization.

XML Sitemaps — Google and other major search engines are now relying more on XML sitemaps to index and rank Web sites. We can create, upload, and submit your XML sitemap to Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Google and other search engines index and rank Webs based on page content, meta variables (descriptions, titles, keywords), and readability. To help boost your rankings, we will help refine your meta variables, add image tags for accessibility, and recommend how to best organize the content on your Web pages to make them more Google/search engine friendly.

Webmaster Tools — These tools can help improve your Google rankings by identifying broken links, page content rankings, external links, etc. You'll be able to determine what Google actual "sees" when they spider your site. As part of the package we'll setup your account and give you a quick overview.

Pay Per Click and Other Online Advertising

Along with an effective SEO plan, other options can be explored to get your products and services in front of potential buyers. Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns can get you instant visibility. This is extremely valuable for competitive markets and for new sites that aren't yet ranked. This can be an effective part of an overall Web Design package or a standalone Internet marketing campaign.

Google AdWords — We can help you create and conduct your own pay-per-click ad campaign. We'll setup your account, designate a few search terms, and create your online sponsor ads. — If your Web site is a good match, we can recommended ad placements on one of the leading travel sites for California and Nevada. more >>

Link Exchange — We can work with other Web sites to developed strategies that can help increase your Internet footprint. 

Email Campaigns — Effective email marketing and newsletters can help you grow your business by establishing and maintaining an ongoing relationship with your customers.


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