What makes a different from other design firms?  We listen to our customers.  We enjoy learning about their organizations.  And together, we develop effective strategies to achieve their goals.


Rates vary greatly depending on media type, complexity, and turn around time. Contact us for a free quote.

Payment Options

We accept cash, check or credit-cards through PayPal.

Payment Policies

For New Clients – Projects with budgets over $1,000 are typically paid in installments, such as 1/3 down, 1/3 after first major milestone, and 1/3 upon completion of the project or 50% down and the remainder due at the project’s completion.  Smaller projects require payment in full at the completion of the project.

For Existing Clients – Depending on the established relationship, most clients have 30 days to pay after the project is complete.  Large budget projects that expand over several months will require an installment plan.

Special Offers

Small Business Packages – We know the financial challenges that small businesses face, and we can help. If you need multiple products, we can offer you a package of services that could significantly reduce your overall cost. Please email us with a short description of your company and the type of products that you need.

An example of a typical business bundle would include:

  1.  Professionally designed and printed marketing brochure,
  2.  Business class Web site, and
  3.  Marketing DVD, Flash Movie/animation or PowerPoint presentation.

Please note that the more products you request, the more we could potentially discount.  So please email us with your wish list, and we’ll provide you with our best package pricing.

For a Limited Time, You Can Save Up To 25% Off Your Next Project!

Looking for a great deal? Act now, before it’s too late!  If you have a bona fide bid from another vendor for your upcoming project, email it to us and we will try to generate a bid that not only matches their service levels in quality, equipment, experience, etc., but we will also try to save you between 10% and 25%!  This is a win-win for both of us.  You get a great project at a great price, and we get a great new customer and valuable market research too!     Email me now to see if I can save you some money.

Please note that this special offer is limited to ONE project and is subject to change without notice. We will do our best to provide you with a cost saving alternative bid, but we make NO guarantees. Due to vendor locations, skill sets and experience levels, we may not be able to compete with their bids or those vendors that deliberately submit a lowball or under market bid.

Pro Bono 

“Do Well by Doing Good” – Benjamin Franklin 1752

Digital Renaissance may provide free services to qualified nonprofits that lack funds.  Examples of past pro bono projects are: 1) We produced a fundraising video for Jacob’s Heart Pediatric Cancer Foundation.  The video helped to generate much need funding through independent and corporate contributions and through Oprah’s “Angel Network”.  2) We set up several environmental sections on to promote Save Our Shore’s coastal clean up efforts.


What makes us different from other design firms?  We listen to our customers.  We enjoy learning about their businesses.  And together, we establish a process that will meet their business objectives.

Sample Design Process

  1.  Interview client to establish current and future business objectives and budget
  2.  Determine the customer’s audience/market
  3.  Review the customer’s competition
  4.  Develop a flowchart that breaks out specific sections, page count, advanced features and forms.
  5.  Create a project “Mood Board”.  This is a preliminary design tool to help establish potential styles, fonts, colors, and images that will make up the look and feel of the Website.
  6.  Create home and internal page comp
  7.  Refine selected comps and convert to HTML/CSS compliant templates
  8.  Populate Web pages
  9.  Add meta tag information (title, description, keywords) for search engine optimization.
  10.  Post Website
  11.  Evaluate the Website’s performance.
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