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Composite Photography & Photo Manipulation

Composite Photography & Photo Manipulation

With a background in corporate marketing and advertising, we have extensive knowledge about compositing photos, text and illustrations into beautiful custom backgrounds for PowerPoint presentation and websites, and turning less than perfect images into beauty shots for product examples and personnel headshots. 

Some of Our Services Include:

Compositing Photos and Images — Also known as “photomontage” or “PhotoShopping”, this process combines visual elements from different sources into a single image. This can include text, photos, illustrations, etc. to create a composite image that will best depict your message.

We use this technique to create custom backgrounds and headers for PowerPoint presentations, websites, video and print.

Photo Manipulation and Restoration — This process alters a photograph to enhance its appearance. For example, you have a beauty shot of your building but a telephone pole or car is in the middle of the shot. Perhaps you want to replace clouds above your building with blue skies. Photo manipulation can achieve those results.

Unfortunately, though, this can be used for nefarious purposes for political propaganda or to deceive the public. We do not condone this use.

We use this techniques to enhance corporate photos of building, products, and personnel.

Photo restoration enhances the quality of the image by adjusting the colors, contrast, white balance and sharpness. It can also involve removing visible flaws such as scratches, grain, smudges and even physical tears.

Superimposed Photos — This is a mainstay in marketing and advertising. It places an image on top of another image to create an interesting visual effect such as a transparent beaker over a wooded forest to a convey environmental concerns. It can also be use to conceal unwanted objects, logos or people.

Additional Image Retouching Services Include: 

  • Image background removal
  • Product cut-out
  • Color and balance correction
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Product image editing
  • Real estate property image editing

Composite Image Examples

Click on images to enlarge

Two images combined to create a composite image for an environmental advertisementMultiple image layers to create a composite Powerpoint slide for Granite ConstructionMultile images and text create a composite image for a PowerPoint opening slide for SamsungA multiple images create a composite image for a PowerPoint template for Union Pacific CorporationMultiple images and text create a composite image for a Santa Cruz County Children's Report coverMultiple images to create a composite report cover for Sonoma County Human Services AgencyMultiple images and text to create a composite image for a Samsung brochureMulitple images and text to create a composite image for Santa Clara County Children's Report cover





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