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Consulting and Project Management

What Makes Digital Renaissance Different?  We Listen. 

We enjoy learning about new businesses and, together, we will establish a process to meet our clients’ specific business objectives.

Whether you want us in the trenches to actually build your WordPress website or you need us to manage your large-scale project and monitor another design firm, we will make sure you receive the promised services on time and on budget.

WordPress Consultant / Project Management

From simple Quote and Budget Reviews to more complex Project Management Services, our mission is to protect your interests.

Our quote reviews will give you a second opinion about your WordPress’ scope of services, cost, timeline, etc. If you elect to use our full project management services, we will actively review and monitor each step of the design and development process.

Some of the Project Milestones that We Review and Monitor Inlude: 

  1. Interview client to establish current and future business objectives and budget.
  2. Determine the customer’s audience/market and identify any project discrepancies.
  3. Determine the customer’s competition and identify any project discrepancies.
  4. Identify and list specific sections, page count, advanced features and forms. Review third-party work and ascertain any project discrepancies.
  5. Insure that any work adheres to the established styles, fonts, colors, and images that will make up the look and feel of the Website.
  6. Insure that the new home page and internal pages adhere to established look and feel of the website
  7. Insure that all pages and styles are HTML/WordPress/CSS compliant
  8. Insure that web pages are properly formatted and populate
  9. Insure that each page has the appropriate meta tags (title, description, keywords) for search engine optimization.
  10. Monitor website as it is published or migrated to the new host
  11. Evaluate the Website’s performance.

We Are Not Just A One-Trick Pony!

Our project expertise isn’t limited to just WordPress. We have vast amount of experience with video production, graphic design services and multimedia development as well.

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