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No Fear Here! Risk Free Design Services

The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself! FDR 1933

We know that it’s an uneasy decision whether to hire a WordPress web design firm right off the Internet.

You’re probably asking yourself:

  • Will they work well with our organization?
  • Do they do quality WordPress work?
  • Will they complete the WordPress project on time and on budget?
  • Will they provide the same quality customer service to a new customer as they do with their existing customer base? 

We want to address your concerns through action, not through talk, gimmicks or marketing rhetoric. To that point, our “Risk Free Web Design*” policy strives to make the hiring process as easy and as risk free for you as possible.

Here is how the “Risk Free Web Design” works:

No Payment Upfront. To start the design process, we will first establish a workable design package and budget for your project. Once we agree on the project’s scope and budget, Digital Renaissance will begin working** on your website without any upfront payments from you. In fact, you won’t pay anything until you approve our web page mockups and agree to continue using our services.

Payment Installment #1: Web Page Mockups Sign Off. After you review our web page mockups, you will have the opportunity to either continue or discontinue using our services. A payment of 1/3 of the original agree upon budget will only be required if you sign off on the mockups and agree to continue to use our services. If you decide not to use our services, we will simply keep all of our original work*** and you will pay nothing. (Please note that the mockups are realistic representations of what the homepage and top category pages would look like. These are provided to the customer as PDFs and often require several revisions before sign off. )

Payment Installment #2: Beta Website Sign Off. Another 1/3 payment of the original budget will be required after we complete and you sign off on an online beta version of your website. The beta site generally consists of a completed homepage, completed main category landing pages, a fully functional navigation menu(s), and most of the primary graphics, photos, and plugins are in place.

Payment Installment #3: Fully Functioning Website Sign Off. The final 1/3 payment of the original budget will be required when the website is fully functional and signed off by you. This phase of the project would consist of: 1) the website would be fully populated with all of the content, all of the plugins would be setup and work correctly, styles would be consistent and applied throughout the website, advanced features actually function, and all customer edits will be processed!

Final Payment: Turning Over the Website to You. During the final phase of the project, we will turn over the website to you by moving it from our servers to your host. Once the transition is complete and signed off by you, we will create one last invoice that will include any additional charges that we agreed on in advance for work or products that went above the original scope of services and were not included in the original budget.

No Lengthy Contracts. Just a few Succinct Emails. Instead of a long 20 page contact, we rely on a few succinct emails to establish intent, commitment and overall scope of services. That is it.

There you have it. We take the fear out of hiring us!

Now that your blood pressure has lowered a bit, are you ready to begin the process? Please review our most popular WordPress design packages and let us know how we can help.

* I. The “Risk Free Web Design” policy only applies to Custom WordPress and traditional web design packages. Quick Start and HTML to WordPress conversation packages already have a predetermined look and feel so no mockups are required. 
II. The program is subject to change without notice.
III. We reserve the right to not apply the policy and/or service to customers with bad credit, low ratings, inappropriate content, etc.

** I. Both the customer and Digital Renaissance can cancel the project at any time during the early stages of the project; however, after the mockups have been signed off and a payment has been made, the project must go through to completion unless both parties agree to final exit terms and decide to terminate the project.

*** I. Digital Renaissance will retain copyright on all of our original work until payment is made by the customer. 
II. If a customer decides to terminate our working relationship and uses our original ideas, artwork and/or code with another designer or design firm, the customer will compensation Digital Renaissance for our work based on our hourly rate. 





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