Urgent Graphic & Design Support

Urgent Graphic & Design Support

Does this sound familiar…

        –  I Have a Rush Graphic Job!

       –  I Need Same Day Graphics!

       –  We Need Graphics NOW!

       –  The CEO Wants What, When?

       –  Ahhhhh…Help! 

Sounds like you may have too many balls in the air.  We can help!

With so much to do, you can easily find yourself in a position where you have an extreme need for fast graphics or images for a quickly approaching  PowerPoint presentation, website, video or print project deadline. 

With a background in corporate marketing and communications, we are all too familiar with the challenges associated with short, intense, demanding, and insane deadlines that require creative, high impact designs. Click here for examples.

Although rush jobs do cost more, we will make every effort to meet your deadline and provide you with high quality, professional support—on time, on budget and with respect.

Some of our rush services include:

  • Photo/image adjustments and enhancements, such as restoration, removing unwanted objects, adding wanted objects, creating a composite images to better convey your message.
  • Graphic design for video, web, print and PowerPoint presentations
  • Special web applications such as banners, pop-ups, advertisements, and newsletters
  • Formatting PowerPoint presentations, web pages, video slides, flyers, brochures, manuals, newsletters and annual reports

Please note that professional print projects require more setup time than electronic based projects.

Here are some sample prices:

  • Same day turn around = $175 per hour
  • 24 hour turn around = $150 per hour
  • 48 hour turn around = $125 per hour
  • 72 hour to one week turn around = $100 per hour
  • Greater than one week turn around $85 per hour

Please note that these are only sample prices. Your actual cost will depend on project complexity and required turn around times. Also note that depending on our current workload, we may not be able to provide immediate or rush turn around times. Contact us for scheduling and pricing.




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